Our Purpose

The Leathertarians objective is simple; To offer leathermen a path in which to meet, socialize, bond, and enjoy the comradary of each other as it was in the early days. You don't have to look like a Tom of Finland character, be a title holder, or attend large expensive leather events.

There were no contests in the early days of the leather movement and leatherwear wasn't designer couture. It was / is an animal skin worn by men connected in a tribe to each other who share a common bond. It was a brotherhood of men in love and lust which often evolved into families. These families protected and loved each other. They cared for their own since they were considered renegades amongst the gay community at large.

Fundraising was done when one of them was in trouble. They raised money and ran events to help children's causes. They were in the forefront with the Battle on AIDS. We are still that tribe and this group wants to reconnect with the basic foundations of who we are, where we came from, and where we are headed. Hence our motto "Getting Back to Basics."

We strive to offer this experience to any and all leathermen who are interested. Join us. We are open to everyone 21 and older but at this early stage we are focusing on gay and bisexual men. Women were an integral part of the leather tribe that attended all events and fundraisers. Both men and women played at the Mineshaft and Anvil in NYC. We are sure it was the same nationwide. Both sexes learned from each other. Women will be welcome at all events.